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Nu Flow Midwest is the Chicago area's exclusive installer of Nu Flow's epoxy pipe lining technology.  Cured in place epoxy pipe lining is an effective procedure that restores leaking, corroded or eroded pipes without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement.  The pipe restoration is accomplished through double-entry access points without the destruction to interior or exterior surfaces associated with pipe replacement.  Applicable for use in pipes consisting of metal, iron, steel, plastic, and fiberglass in diameters ranging from 1/2"  to 10", with larger custom sizes available.

For use in the following pipe systems, in any infrastructure, in every market sector:

  • Hot and cold drinking water lines
  • Water distribution mains
  • Industrial pressure applications
  • Compressed air systems
  • Process pipes
  • Hydronic systems - heating and cooling lines
  • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • Natural gas and petroleum product lines
  • Electrical conduit

Nu Flow's pipe lining process uses heated conditioned air to move a non-toxic abrading agent through designated pipe runs and segments. The movement of the agent through the pipe dislodges the corrosion buildup and transports it to an exit opening in the pipe where it is collected in a cyclonic grit unit and dust collection system. The waste corrosion product is non-toxic and easily disposed of without any harm to the environment. The result is a clean, rust-free polished surface inside the pipe. Following pipe cleaning, a potable water safe, UL certified to NSF 61 standards liquid epoxy is distributed through the piping using heated controlled air flow to facilitate optimal adhesion and curing. The pipe lining will cure within 12-24 hours, after which time the system is re-assembled and returned to service next day. The result is a smooth and durable finish resistant to further corrosion and deterioration.

Chicago Pipe Lining Solution to:

Restore Corroded Pipes!

Fix Leaking Pipes!

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